CITY-KÜCHEN - Cool elegance with transparency

Furnishing needs time, inspiration and sometimes a little courage.
Combining exclusive materials in an extraordinary way is the essence of any sophisticated planning.

With its own brand, CITY-KÜCHEN demonstrates a great deal of flair for materials, trendsetting highlights and furnishing details. "Material Emotions" is the motto of the current range. New marble looks and expressive woods come into play - as real wood or in convincingly authentic décor. What remains important in 2020 are matt surfaces, for example made of organic glass, and multi-faceted fronts for contemporary interpretations of the classic ambience. The kitchen has now assumed a clearly defined representative role in the home. In open-plan layouts, multifunctional furnishing solutions are becoming increasingly important. Room-dividing solitaires are therefore a permanent feature of the range. System shelves are used as an attractive mediator between the living areas. Demi and tall units can be placed in the centre of the room and their backs can be made homely with shelves.

An important trend is individually planned utility rooms, which convince with smart concepts in terms of comfort and ergonomics. They create well thought-out space for domestic activities of all kinds and open up new possibilities.