28. May 2014

City-Kuechen Berlin receives “Excellent” rating from A&W

A&W (Architektur & Wohnen), Germany’s most influntial style magazine, has named City-Kuechen Berlin one of the top 220 Kitchen studios in the nation.

Berlin, 10 July 2012   Anyone who has ever planned to build a new dream kitchen knows that such a kitchen can rarely be had for less than 20,000 Euros.  It can quickly become as expensive as a luxury car in a house or apartment. Directly in contrast to this, very few people can imagine their fully configured kitchen both visually and practically.  “Perhaps one has chosen high-grade steel surfaces suitable for dark aluminum fronts because it looks good.  But if the kitchen serves the needs of a family with little children, where the gleaming surfaces meet with noses, fingerprints and possible scratches, the disappointment will be automatic” according to Barbara Friedrich, the Editor-in-Chief of A&W.  Here at City-Kuechen, the more exact a piece of advice asked for the better.  The style shaping magazine therefore selected the top 220 kitchen studios together with experts from the kitchen furniture industry in residential living, architecture, gardens, design and style throughout Germany.

Where are there the most interesting exhibitions? Where is the most extensive service demanded? Who develops the most creative kitchen concepts?

In this line of business City-Kuechen in Berlin is among the top addresses, providing its wonderful kitchens, inspirations, practical suggestions and competent advice since 1996.

In addition, the A&W Special edition highlights the most beautiful designer kitchens, the novelties of 2012, including kitchen tiles and technical cooking innovations.  The 60 plus sided special issue “The Best 220 Kitchen Studios in Germany” together with the current version of A&W architecture and residentials is available from SEASONS PUBLISHING HOUSE until September 11, 2012.