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We take all measurements and discuss the construction process with you.
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A highly qualified, well-rehearsed team
Objective, flexible, adaptable
Great value for money
Always a suitable product
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Reliable, personal contact all the way to the installation
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CITY-Kitchens: Our philosophy

For us a kitchen is more than just a workspace - it is a living area. You spend time here, you cook, you enjoy being with your family and entertain your friends. A kitchen shapes your home and represents your way of life.

For more than 14 years City- Küchen has been working successfully to give the fitted kitchen/kitchenette a new significance. We design kitchens of a high standard and implement our customers’ wishes through creative individuality, perfect Know-How and excellent service, to create stylish, premium kitchens.

Standing still really means moving backwards! We offer you the newest kitchen collections and most up-to-date hardware technology. Part of our success are the unique and multi-facetted product lines of Germany’s top brand SieMatic and Allmilmö, Italy’s luxury kitchen-producer Toncelli and our first-rate private brand.

This extensive range of products at great value for money guarantees our objectivity in advising you.

We have a highly-qualified team: in sales, in charge for the installation of your kitchen, processing your orders and in our customer service. We actually do, what others only promise: free inspections of your kitchen in the first year of purchase.

You can enjoy all of this, with an espresso in hand, in our sophisticated and exclusive ambiance.

We are proud that we can count on the dedication and reliability of our team, as well as on working with suppliers that always try to make everything possible. It pleases us that we and thus our exclusive clientele are supported by a strong network of family, friends and loyal customers.

It is our clients loyalty and recommendation that is our/a true reference - we may call many of them our friends today.

We make your dream of a new kitchen not only come true but already let the path there a special experience for you, starting from choosing your kitchen, getting it installed all the way to the final handover.

Thank you!

Your City-Küchen Team